Canine Conditioning

Includes canine massage
Science-based proven core conditioning
Canine Conditioning Academy

Sports Massage

Remedial therapy to restore muscle function
Postural assessments for humans and canines
Personalised treatment plans including daily stretches

Curly Coated Retrievers

Redanimo is our Kennel name
Our dogs are fully health tested
They take part in KCGC and gundog training

Roz Davies – My work and my dogs

Canine Conditioning Academy


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Sports and Remedial Massage

For dogs & humans

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Redanimo Curly Coated Retrievers

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Muscular injuries to my own dogs prompted an interest in canine physical fitness and muscle therapy.  I qualified in canine massage therapy in 2011 and have run a canine sports massage therapy and fitness practice in London since then. In 2017 I relocated to Worcestershire.

I found time to progress my training in Human Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, SMRT, and gained a qualification at an in depth educational level. I value the training in modern neuromuscular and fascial techniques used in human sports massage, which of course can be applied to canine clients too. In early 2015 I gained the prestigious North London School of Sports and Remedial Massage BTEC level 5 diploma.

It made sense to combine the human and canine sports and remedial massage therapy into one practice under the banner Redanimodogs.

Canine Conditioning Academy

I’m Co-Director at Canine Conditioning Academy alongside Emma Overend

Strength From The Inside Out

The Canine Conditioning Academy is bridging the gap in canine therapy and training.

It is common in equine and human training to incorporate core strength training, and nowadays there is a wealth of information and opinion about canine conditioning. Our Foundation 2 day course and the one year licensed Canine Conditioning Instructor programme pull together the most current research from human, equine and canine conditioning and rehabilitation. We aim to give our students the most relevant scientific basis to excel in this new field of Canine Conditioning.

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“A really good course. I have been on a lot of courses and Roz and Emma are the best teachers I have had. And the exercises are so achievable.”

Amy Shorrock
Canine Massage Therapist and Hydrotherapist, Canine Massage Guild


“A truly firm foundation in understanding the what, which, why and how and when to condition any dog of any age at any level in order to optimise their health and fitness.”

Allyson Tohme
Agility, Working Trials, KCAI, Canine Massage Guild

Sports and Remedial Massage for Humans and Dogs

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy is a physical therapy applied to soft tissues.  Practitioners can identify and treat musculoskeletal conditions. It aims to promote good muscle function as well as providing rehabilitation from injury.

Modern SRMT uses a multitude of specialist techniques to manipulate the soft tissues within the body, whether human or canine, and this includes muscle, tendon, ligaments, and fascia.

Through assessments, pain, dysfunction or discomfort are treated to enable ease of movement, reduce pain and enhance mobility.  Key elements of my method are to include thorough postural and range of motion assessments – for human and canine clients.

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“As well as seeing the positive impact for our Barkbuster clients, we have had personal experience of the difference a good dog sports and remedial massage can make. Roz was recommended to us when Hamish was not using his four legs. He had had a simple soft tissue injury which was treated by our Vet. However, once the injury had healed he continued to hop around, Roz worked on his muscles and gave us very simple exercises to do to rebuild his muscles.  It was not an overnight resolution but over time he started to use all four legs and to regained the lost muscle mass. 6 months later he no longer limped. We have recommended Roz for our Barkbuster clients, to make a difference.”

Jo Milgrew, Barkbusters


“Roz is a totally brilliant; I have had back pain for many years and I have different therapies which help to a certain extent.  Roz is different, she looked at my whole-body posture from the feet up.  I felt a huge difference after just the first session and had complete relief of all symptoms after 3 sessions.  Highly recommend Roz, professional, knowledgeable and a genuinely lovely lady.”

Emma Brewster

My dogs and
Curly Coated Retrievers

One of the joys of working from home is to be able to have time for dogs. I’ve shared with rescue dogs and the dogs that arrive and don’t leave. And wiith the exception of Lickford the Rottweiller x Stafforshire, all have been retrievers. And then came Mowgli the first Curly Coated Retriever. The maximum number of dogs has been 4, and currently we share with 2 curlies.

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